Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Black Friday shopping was eventful. I made it to Wallyworld @ 4:20 AM. No one got hurt here because they let us wait inside. You just pushed you cart to the item you were going for first and they unwrapped it and @ 5:00 it was go time. I did have to hit a couple people with my cart, but that is only because they stopped in the aisle to talk with a friend and I was on a mission dammit, MOVE IT PEOPLE!! I left with all but one item I was after but grabbed a few extra because of the deal:) Moving right along, I was outta there and on my way to the mall @ 5:38. I wasn't there to lolly gag .
The Mall: I got a few things in Sears then headed to Old Navy. I only got a sweatshirt and shirt for Cookie's daughters b-day. My friend from school rang me up and asked me to please apply for a charge card so she could get credit. I said okay, as long as you still get the credit when I get denied. Well, I left Old Navy with a $4oo credit limit...go figure, are they crazy? I have no job!! Oh well, Cookie does..hehe!
I decided to leave at that. My Sears bag was getting heavy and I was no longer thinking straight. Went to Walgreens, got a pop and was home by 7:30AM. Not bad and I am now done with Christmas shopping. Now to wrap everything...Ugh!!

I put up the Christmas tree yesterday and started decorating. I will finish that tomorrow, maybe. On the bright side, I still have a few things decorated from last year (Christmas in July).
Hopefully I can post pictures this week.

Gonna try to catch up on some blogs also


Grandma J said...

Boy you sound like the energizer bunny! I remember one year American Express sent me a platinum card out of the blue! My husband was so mad because he couldn't get platinum, just gold...and I wasn't working.

Big Hair Envy said...

You're DONE Christmas shopping? I feel so inadequate. I haven't even started!

My daughter went out into that Black Friday madness. I would rather sever a limb!!!!

Great to see you back in Bloggy Land:)

Caution Flag said...

I've never been out early like that on Black Friday. Did you wait forever in line? And what was your best bargain?

Cool Breeze said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your adventure. No way dawg!

Of course, I will go sit in the middle of the woods in freezing tempertures, in the dark, at 5:00 am to wait for the big one to come by. I don't know which one of us is more nuts!

Snooty Primadona said...

Wow! You are my new hero! I've never ventured out on Black Friday myself. I detest shopping but I love new things. Try and figure that one out...