Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am still here, sort of

Okay, school is kicking my ass this semester!

I have been learning so much though. hehe. For instance:

This is the Frontal Lobe - Front part of the brain; involved in planning, organizing, problem solving, selective attention, personality and a variety of "higher cognitive functions" including behavior and emotions and evidence is strong that the brain does not cease to mature until the early 20's in those relevant parts that govern impulsitivity, judgment, planning for the future, foresight of consequences, and other characteristics that make people morally capable.
So I had a talk with my daughter on the dangers of drinking and doing drugs until her frontal lobe is fully developed. hehehe. And thinking to myself no wonder I am on the edge of 40yrs old and just now going to school. I needed someone to have this talk with me, I mean at least I would have known I was altering my future because I doubt it would have changed anything I did. It is a good resource to blame tho.
Lesson for the day. Okay going to try to play catch up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Hero

In the spirit of it being the Diva's Birthday Monday, I thought I'd tell a story about the Keeper. Calm down J, not all of it. Although it is really funny. Hehehe.

I found out I was pregnant with the Diva two weeks after her father and I decided we were definitely divorcing. We had tried so hard to get pregnant for during the years we were together but it was no reason to stay together either. I went about my life preparing to be a single mom, and he about his with his new girlfriend. He did attend appointments and such because he still wanted to be a part of her life. And he is a very big part to this day.
Anyway, I was freaking HUGE, and had one of the best friends:) She let me know just how huge I was, she says even my eyelashes were huge. She shopped with me, helped me put new accessories together, she did it all. She found out she was pregnant toward the end of my pregnancy, which made it that much more fun.

The time came Thursday night I started having contractions so I called upon the Keeper. She was getting ready to go to bed but came over immediately. She walked around out in the dark with me and we talked then decided it was time to go because I was having contractions about every five minutes. J drove us to the hospital, if you read her post you know how the women drives.
Anyway, once checked in they inform me no more food until delivery. What, WTF? Had I known this I would have waited until I seen the head. I love food!! Anyway, J is with me and enduring whatever with me, so I thought. I was trying to rest and all of the sudden I hear crunch, I whipped my head around and shot daggers. My mom had smuggled her in an apple. You Bitch!! Okay sorry, I know you're pregnant and you are here out of the goodness of your heart but for gosh sakes at least act like you need some air or have to pee. Little did I know we would be there forever before the Diva decided to grace us with her precense. At 3:15PM Friday, the Diva finally came. I sent out for food for myself and the Keeper immediatly!! We ate then and again at dinner time. She stayed with me that whole night too, in a recliner chair, and pregnant. She even wheeled my ass out to smoke. Oh, the nurses were not to happy with us. LOL.
J stood in, she was there throughout the whole delivery, comforting my whiny ass and helping me welcome the Diva into this world. So J, writing this today to say You are the wind beneath my wings, Love you!! Looking back at the whole episode, Thank you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She's Three

Peepers is 3 years old today.

Three years ago today you decided to make your debut into the world and Mommy couldn't have been more happy. You were always making it difficult to breath and you loved hanging out on my right side. I swore you would be grounded when you turn 13 for always smashing my innards. The labor was extremely painful but 6 hours fast. I was very excited to see you because I knew you would be as precious as you are. Happy Birthday My Love!!

Yea!!! Three cakes in less than a week. Now that's what gets excited me. We will have a small one today, then we are celebrating on Sunday with family because her oldest sister, Diva girl has a birthday Monday.

We are going to attempt a cake with the Dora theme because this is what she wanted. And a separate one for Diva girl.

Can someone please tell me why dad goes and drinks after mom does all the work carrying and delivering a baby? When he enjoyed the whole process that got you there and then celebrates like he did something really impressive, nevermind what you have done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A hairy tounge?


If you are weak stomached,
ahem...The Keeper,
I suggest you not read any further.

How would you like to kiss this?

I have heard the saying, growing hair on your teeth
but never in my wildest dreams did I believe hair could actually grow in the mouth.

I have nothing going on so I have to resort to pics I find doing research for school.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I love when Thursday rolls around because it brings back memories. I am participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by the Apron Queen.

This is an old book I found in my hopeless chest of goodies, 'The Story of Jesus,' the copyright date on this is 1934.

It was given to my Grandma when she was 7yrs old. My Grandma gave it to mom who in turn gave it to me.

The pages are a construction like paper. The binding has come off the side but the top cover is still attached and I have the back cover.

I will eventually give this to one of my girls, probably the Diva, not sure when tho after all it took mom 23yrs to give it to me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I went to the gas station on my way home from classes today to get a diet pop and left there with my pop and some ranting.

Why is it people think I want to hear their music and have their bass or whatever from their shaking me?

The gas station had 4 or 5 employees working but only had one register open. Why? Two of the employees were just standing around talking and eating chips the Frito-Lays man had given them.

After the line grew to about 10 people they decided to open another line, at this time I only had the person paying and a nice little old man in front of me. The lady clearly said, 'I can help who is next, so the little old man started to go that way when some dim-wit women that was about 3 people behind me decided she had to be there. She ran up to the cashier and the poor old man was just lost. I let him back in line in front of me and questioned whether or not to cause a scene. I chose to bite my tongue but the more I think about it I wish I would have spoken up.

On another note, I have already quit taking my quit smoking medicine.
The side effects were too much. I was constantly tired and felt numb (like no personality what-so-ever). I wasn't caring about much. It gave me chest pain and was dizzy.
This is day one off the med and I am already feeling better than I have in days. So I think I am going to try the patches instead.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to normal soon

My blogging time has been seriously effected by the amount of homework I have so in between the things I have to accomplish today I am going to try to catch up with everyone else.
I am hoping I will get into some kind of groove here soon so I can keep up with this.