Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I went to the gas station on my way home from classes today to get a diet pop and left there with my pop and some ranting.

Why is it people think I want to hear their music and have their bass or whatever from their shaking me?

The gas station had 4 or 5 employees working but only had one register open. Why? Two of the employees were just standing around talking and eating chips the Frito-Lays man had given them.

After the line grew to about 10 people they decided to open another line, at this time I only had the person paying and a nice little old man in front of me. The lady clearly said, 'I can help who is next, so the little old man started to go that way when some dim-wit women that was about 3 people behind me decided she had to be there. She ran up to the cashier and the poor old man was just lost. I let him back in line in front of me and questioned whether or not to cause a scene. I chose to bite my tongue but the more I think about it I wish I would have spoken up.

On another note, I have already quit taking my quit smoking medicine.
The side effects were too much. I was constantly tired and felt numb (like no personality what-so-ever). I wasn't caring about much. It gave me chest pain and was dizzy.
This is day one off the med and I am already feeling better than I have in days. So I think I am going to try the patches instead.


Tami said...

Some people should just be kicked!

Good luck with the patch :)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ummm.. I can't really say anything about the music. I've been know to crank the stereo when "Final Countdown" by Europe is playing. hee.hee...

Yes, the dim-wit woman needed a swift kick in the bootie, along with the store workers.. bunch-a-slackers!

And....glad you are feeling better. Good luck with the patches!

Grandma J said...

I know what you mean about the dang base on someone's stereo shaking the whole earth around you.

OK, I shouldn't admit this but the same scenario with the long line, and a new register opens and they announce they will help the next person in line. A man in his 40s made a beeline from behind and I accidently stuck my foot out. Yep, he went down, and I felt so bad! We all KNOW I did't see him.
I left there feeling good. and I wasn't the next person in line...but neither was he.

Grandma J said...

sorry about the stop smoking meds. As an ex will happen when it happens. Just don't beat yourself up. :)

Keeper Of All Things said...

I have found loudly talkin to myself will detour people from cutting in front of me........or from even standing to close;)

Justine said...

Sorry you've had a lousy day. Mine hasn't been altogether great either. So, are you still smoking? Let me know how the patches work for you, because when I do finally decide it's time to quit (and at 2 packs a day it should be NOW) that's what I'm going to use. I take enough medication as it is. Just do NOT wear them at night while sleeping. Always take it off then.

Justine :o )

The Incredible Woody said...

I just HATE when people do that. Why can't we all just play nice and follow the rules that we learned in pre-school??

Caution Flag said...

Did you stop to get that pop in Detroit? It certainly sounds like my neighborhood. My husband cannot keep his mouth shut when those kinds of things happen, and I do worry that he is going to get shot one day.

Good for you for trying the patches next. I really hope they work.

Always Home and Uncool said...

But what bad ass tune were they pumping? Linkin Park? Kid Rock? Jonas Bros?

Snooty Primadona said...

Were you taking Chantix? It made me really sick and gave me horrible nightmares.

KK over at Mid Life Gals turned me on to a book that is the most effective way to quit smoking ever. It's called "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. You can get it pretty cheap on Amazon. It sure won't make you sick. Or give you a crutch to hobble along on.