Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She's Three

Peepers is 3 years old today.

Three years ago today you decided to make your debut into the world and Mommy couldn't have been more happy. You were always making it difficult to breath and you loved hanging out on my right side. I swore you would be grounded when you turn 13 for always smashing my innards. The labor was extremely painful but 6 hours fast. I was very excited to see you because I knew you would be as precious as you are. Happy Birthday My Love!!

Yea!!! Three cakes in less than a week. Now that's what gets excited me. We will have a small one today, then we are celebrating on Sunday with family because her oldest sister, Diva girl has a birthday Monday.

We are going to attempt a cake with the Dora theme because this is what she wanted. And a separate one for Diva girl.

Can someone please tell me why dad goes and drinks after mom does all the work carrying and delivering a baby? When he enjoyed the whole process that got you there and then celebrates like he did something really impressive, nevermind what you have done.


Justine said...

Happy birthday Peepers! She's so beautifuly, as is Diva Girl. Have fun with the cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Birthday! I love cake!!

Caution Flag said...

You do make the most beautiful daughters! Happy, happy birthday, Peepers!

Big Hair Envy said...

Happy Birthday Peepers and Diva :)

Dads always get the credit for everything. Babies, grilling "dinner", you name it.

Keeper Of All Things said...

Happy Birthday Peepers

Auntie has a big wonderful just got to drag your mothers ass down here to get it!!!

P.S---Peepers.....Don't forget my corn.

whatloknows said...

Awww! 3 is a neat age.


Grandma J said...

happy birthday Peepers! How big you are! I hope you had a Dora great day.