Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I am once again participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by the Apron Queen.

I was actually digging around in my garage looking for something else when I happened along these treasures.
These frisbee looking things are vinyl record albums for the youngsters, like my daughter that are asking. This and a record player are how we listened to music when I was younger, before the 8-track, cassettes and cd's. And the other things the technically challenged like me don't have.

This one I played My Boyfriend's Back over and over.

I loved to watch Shirley Temple movies, so when I got the record I was a singing fool.

Lastly, my all time favorite!!!!
When my Grandma gave me this for my birthday I was ecstatic.
I seen this in the theaters nine time and to this day it is still my all time favorite movie.
The movie also started my life long love affair with John Travolta.
I wanted so badly to go to Rydell High.
Oh, Danny Zuko could have had me at the drive-in!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two for One

The boyfriend shall now be referred to as 'Cookie'. This is because I am tired of typing the boyfriend and he is the cook of this household. Now mind you this is probably not the name he would choose for himself seeing how everyone of his friends call him DOG and that is what he recently had tattooed on his arm but since he has not a clue that I have my own blog he won't know that he has been given a cutsie name. LOL...oh the horror of not sounding COOL.

This is Cookie. He would cringe at the thought of his picture being posted. Look at the talent tho. He loves to grill because not only can he have his beer (which is a necessity when cooking) but he can have a smoke too.


I guess this shows my age.
I opened a shirt I had bought from e-bay and was looking at it. This is the conversation I had with the Diva.
Diva: What's that?
Me: A shirt.
Diva: What does it say
Me: You won't want it
Diva: What does it say
Me: (turning it toward her) It says BLONDIE and Debbie Harry (it also has a picture of her)
Diva: Who the heck is that
Me: She is a singer of some awesome music
Diva: I have never heard of her, is she still around, do people still listen to her?
Me: Well yes, I do
Diva: You're old tho
I guess I am going to have to duct tape her to a chair and make her listen to The Tide is High, Call Me, Heart of Glass, and Rapture and whatever other song I choose for calling me old. This child has no clue.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brillante ? Me? Thank you!!

I am so excited and would like to Thank Bubbas Sis, she gave me this award!

Here's how it works:

1. When received, you may post the Premio to your blog.

2. Link to the blogger you received it from.

3. Give it to 7 bloggers.

4. Link to those 7 blogs.

5. Leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the Brilliant Premio.

So, here it is!

A. attached or single? Boyfriend, Peepers daddy
B. best friend? one?
C. cake or pie? Yellow cake with chocolate icing
D. day of choice? Thursday
E. essential item? CHOCOLATE
F. favorite color? Green
G. gummy bears or worms? Multi-colored worms
H. hometown? Frankfort
I. favorite indulgence? Massages and naps!
J. January or July? July - I love warm weather, I am always cold
K. kids? Three - Mine: She's 12, His: She's 10 and Ours: She's 2
L. life isn't complete without? Family
M. marriage date? I am living in sin, sorry Lord
N. number of brothers & sisters? One of each, both older
O. oranges or apples? apples - I love oranges but have bad reactions to them
P. phobias? Heights and spiders
Q. quotes? Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive.
R. reasons to smile? Family and GOD!
S. season of choice? I love Spring and Fall!
T. tag seven peeps! (see below)
U. unknown fact about me? I Pray every night before bed.
V. vegetable? Ummm, too many to choose from
W. worst habits? Procrastinating (Duh) and smoking
X. x-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound
Y. your favorite food? This is too hard. My dream job would be food critic because I LOVE food
Z. zodiac sign? Scorpio

Now to honor the following blogs, and award them a 2008 Premio also...
These are blogs I read daily and love!!

1. Of course The Keeper of all Things, she IS one of my BFF's and talked me into starting this blog

2. And Gramma J @ Ask Grandma J

3. The sista @ Holy Crappers

4. Lori @ Random Thoughts

5. The Queen @ Planet Hot Flash

6. Aqua Net is her hero, Big Hair Envy

7. I want to save this for future use.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Boring Blog

I have nothing so this is going to be boring, like my weekend. I have literally spent my whole weekend with books. Not the fun mystery or trashy novels NOOO, I have been reading Anatomy and Physiology and Concepts to Math Applications. Blaaah.

I have a test in math that I am bound to fuck up. I am in overload trying to memorize conversions and about 25 formulas.

I have already spent about 15 hours on my anatomy homework which is just a little over 1/2 finished. I keep asking myself why I chose to take classes in the summer.
Finals are next week and I will have a two week break before starting all over again with a heavier schedule, not to mention work starts too. This is really infringing on my blogging time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

YUMMY Rum Runners

I went to pick the girls up Monday after school from Ma's the Rock got home a few minutes later. Ma asked him to puleeeze make her a drink. I guess the angels themselves were stressing her out...can't figure that one out..haha. Anyway she wanted a daiquiri. Urgh..Brought back memories.

The Keeper and I along with our husbands went to the local Tiki bar some years back.
We noticed this beautiful new machine that was pouring out these yummy looking frozen drinks so of course we had to try one. Oh, the frozen concoction was just what we needed. They were so YUMMY and went perfect with the hot evening. We preceded to drink these and we were liking them more and more and feeling better and better. We drank more than our fair share of these but damn they were good.
However, our fondness for our favorite new drink was short lived. I don't know what happened, oh wait yes I do. We decided we had enough drinks to strap on our armor and get into a riff with these other girls. Well our husbands had different ideas, apparently it was time for us to go home so we reluctantly went our separate ways bitching and moaning because we weren't done.
On the way home I decided I was feeling a little too warm so I started removing whatever clothing items I could first the shoes, then the shirt, then the pants. I was down to my bra and undies by the time we got home and I was still sweating like a pig. So now was time for the rest to come off, mind you we lived in town, not a real busy road but light poles everywhere so there was plenty light for anyone around. By the time I got to the front porch I was in the buff, pucking up those yummy rum runners, waiting for my husband to come let me in. What the hell was taking him so long? I laid on the cold concrete slab and decided I didn't care it was cold and felt good. My plans were to remain out there for the evening eventually he carried me in tho.
I called the Keeper the next morning, she too had gotten sick. Boy was her husband Pissed. You see they had just got new light green carpet installed and apparently the rum runners stain red when you puke them up all over your new carpet.

It is now about 17yrs later an I still have not had a frozen rum drink and due to gravity the clothes stay on until in the confines of my home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christmas in July

My cats were fighting on top of the china cabinet so I reached for my camera but they were done by the time I stood up. So, looking at the cabinet I decided to take the picture anyway because LOOK....I still have my pretty blue Christmas garland with the lights hanging up there.

Obviously I have had to move it for some reason or another because there is only part of it hanging. So I just move it around, hell with taking it down now Christmas is only 5 months away or maybe I can say I am celebrating Christmas in July. How pretty.
Saves me time for
shopping on Thanksgiving weekend.


Why is it regardless, a Man will ask you if you know where something is?

Even if he already knows, if he has already looked in the spot where it is, if he knows where it should be, or even if it is staring him in the face he will still ask this question.
Is it something in the genetic make-up of him or is this something he is taught by his father? Does he do it to see if you will actually stop what you are doing to come and help him? Is this how he judges whether or not you are truly there for him?

And while I am at it why does he call out to you and then not respond when you say, What? He actually sits there and waits for you to come to him to find out what he needs when he could have just said it at a higher tone. Does he need that face to face contact in order to speak? He sure as hell didn't when he called my name. And if you don't go to find out what he wants, does he just give up or does that thought just go away? Maybe I have I proved myself unworthy?

Is it just me or could somebody please shed some light on this for me?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yummy Cookies

I think I have figured out why my family thinks I should buy the boxed or break apart versions of desserts. Better yet the bakery version that is ready to serve.

I found this Recipe book I made my mom when I was 7 yrs. old. Apparently my whole class made these because there were recipes along the same lines of mine from all of us. There are a few in the class that had their recipes down. They are the girls that excelled in Brownies and Girl Scouts. Go figure. They are the ones I envision at home these days being the Joan Clever of the era. Which, I.AM.NOT.

I believe my artistry skill could use some help also. This is the fancy cover. I probably worked on this for quite some time.

This makes the yummiest cookies!!!

It was all good though while they were perfecting their homemaker and art skill, I was busy improving upon my flirting skills. No kidding, on my 1st grade report card the teacher mentioned I was flirting with the boys too much. What did she expect, I couldn't draw or cook.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Part 1 of Vacation Horror

I decided against better judgment to write about the horror on my annual spring-break trip to visit the Keeper.

The Diva and I were going to Florida, sans anyone else from the household. Yea, the freedom we would have. To do nothing and the Diva being old enough to care for herself. The countdown began for my stress free vacation ahead of me.

Enter my Sister, upset with her man and wanting herself and her son to come with us.* I am thinking okay, this shouldn't be too bad. This is where I should stop thinking. So I make their reservations for them and explained to my sister that I am not going to be entertaining and this was suppose to be relaxing for me because I know her son gets bored VERY, VERY easily. **

I don't think my sister had traveled in quite some time. I received about five calls a day leading up to this vacation from her, asking every possible question from the getting to the airport to landing home. When she heard something she didn't like she would call my mom and complain to her and we hadn't even left yet. Like that was going to get her anywhere. She was already pissed off at me before we left because she had been talking to her friend. Her friend had been filling her head with different activities that are possible in Florida. The only activities I was wanting to partake in were laughing with the Keeper, eating, reading a few books and sunbathing. Well, she wanted to go on a dolphin cruise. This is how that went down:

Her - I want to take C on a dolphin cruise
Me - NO NO NO NO NO!!!
Her - Why? You don't want to take Diva to see the dolphins?
Me - Uh, No.
Her - Well I want to do something we don't get to do all the time.
Me - Okay, I'll draw you a map when we get there, I am not stopping you.
Her - I don't understand why you don't want to do this.
Me - Because I can take her to where the boat docks and she can see them there at no cost to me. Besides she is kinda to cool to do things like that now.
Her - I don't know my way around.
Me - Hello, I'll draw you a map. Not that hard.

Mind you we haven't even left yet. This is how one of our many conversations went. Mom was about as stressed as me. This is going to be FUN!!!!

* She is very neurotically obsessive. I love her anyway, and I do like spending time with her, just not my stress free vacation.
** My nephew who is 14 was a preemie and has since almost died twice (1. hit by a truck, 2. bacterial meningitis) so my sister caters to his EVERY whim.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My last 25 minutes...

I went on my morning jaunt to get a diet coke.

As I was leaving the house I was questioning myself because I hadn't grabbed my camera. I had decided I would go without it because getting it would involve going back upstairs to grab it. This was a mistake, if only I wasn't such a lazy ass.

I get Peepers loaded in the car seat and myself situated. She started asking me for a drink and I explained to her it was an old pop (my pops are the 44oz. styrofoam cups). Because I was too lazy to just throw it away in the first place, I decided to empty my ashtray into the cup and planned on throwing it away at he gas station.

Okay, now we are off so the first thing I do is reach for a cigarette (I know I shouldn't smoke in the car with her, even with the windows down for anyone that is saying how bad I am at this point). I reach for my lighter and after about the 20th time of trying to get flame I throw it. Now I am searching the console because I am unable to drive without this glowing stick in my hand. Finally I have to use the freaking car lighter, the one that always holds onto a piece of my cig so it can fall in my lap and burn me. Son of a bitch, worth that second of pain tho.

We finally get to the gas station, I turn around and unbuckle Peepers so she can climb forward and get out with me. This is our usual routine. Well the part of the routine I forgot about came next. As I was grabbing change for the pop, she was getting herself a DRINK. Yes, that's right my daughter took a big gulp of watered-down pop with ashes and cigarette butts. When the slurping sound registered in my brain, it was too late. I looked over and she was holding her mouth open, dropping black shit all over the leather seat. I tried washing her mouth out with a kleenex that half was used but there was still half looking ok. Hell, she just drank ashes who cares. We finally make our way in to get her a drink of H2o and me a pop.

With pop setting beside me we leave and I again have to use that freaking car lighter. I am trying to push the f@*cking thing in and its not going. All I am trying to do is drive and get this damn thing lit. It was stuck on the car phone plug in.

We had turned on this road that is a highly traveled road so when I look over and there was this lady out walking her dog, I had to say WTF? Walking a dog - very normal. Walking a dog in you black lingerie that is silky and looks like a very short mini dress - not so normal. WTF?

At this point I just wanted to get home and I was pissed that I left my camera at home. Next time my lazy ass will go back upstairs and get it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My thoughts hurt him

As we were sitting outside last night the cicada's were being so freaking loud, it was driving me crazy. I looked over at my BF and said:

Me - I thought cicada's only came out every seven years?

BF - We have this conversation every year A.

Me - We do?

BF - just rolls his eyes

I am pondering a thought in my brain at this point and he looks at me and says,

BF - Your thinking, it's hurting me. Don't even say it.

Me - Since it is a seven year thing, do some burrow down then the next crowd come up?
you know, like these would be back in another seven years?

BF - Would you please stop (laughing at me). Only you.

So could someone please fill me in on these freaking things. They are annoying and I don't want to have this conversation again next year, then again, maybe I will just to annoy him.

My First Awards

I am feeling the LOVE from my blogging friends
I have received two awards!!
I would like to Thank
The Sista's at Holy Crappers
they make me laugh daily and I want to party with them

And Lori at Random Thoughts

She too is a must read for me, she has great stories

I didn't even have to bitch to receive one...hehe
and they weren't from The Keeper.
Thank you Sista #1 and #2, and Lori

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I am participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday hosted by the Apron Queen again this week.

I have dug out yet another house. This one is for Barbie and is from 1973. It is Barbies Country Living Home.

As you can it is a nice little vinyl home but open it up and you have the lavish living room, charming little kitchen, and retro bedroom.

When I opened it I was surprised to see the wicker furniture. That was the thing to have in your house in the seventies and my barbies were no exception, they too had to have it.

It also still had the pink plastic bed with orange flowers. And those swing doors, loved them.

As I was checking this house out I noticed a few reasons I shouldn't house sit:

1. If Barbie wants to keep those plants alive an flourishing she had better never ask me to house sit for her.

2. She has no microwave. C'mon, I thought she was hip you know microwaves were a luxury in the 70's.

3. WHAT??? No internet connection? I bet the beitch has it in her Malibu home.

4. And sorry, no closets for Holy Crappers in this house. WTF is up with that?

Although I must say she seems to always have a roaring fire and a pie in the oven. Add some cocktails and I may have to reconsider.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Exceptions

I had went to pick blueberries yesterday in the morning and when I got home I got a call at 10:20 from the clinic that they could get me in @11:15 for my yearly appointment, I accepted.
I hurry and jump i the shower, I put on a nice VS bra and even shave my legs. After waiting to get called in the back, get weighed, check vitals, then making my way through the history (which why do they need the same information every time, why can't they just ask about the changes since you were last there?). As we are finishing my history another nurse comes in and asks if I would like to reschedule. At this point I am thinking WTF? Apparently, since I have no insurance, they can put me on this program that may help me pay for my yearly and mammogram but you cannot get on with this program until you turn 40 yrs. old, which for me isn't until November. They cannot make the exception and do this 4 mos. early so I now have to go through this whole process over again in November. At least I got out of helping the boyfriend clean the new upright freezer he bought so something good came out of the time I wasted.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Haaaappy Birth-day, Happy Happy Birthday
Haaaappy birthday to you, to you , to you!!!

A reminder: You are only one, not two years younger than me.

I liked this card because it looks like us doesn't it? Hehe!!
Today is The Keepers Bithday so go over and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mom's Blogging

Well she did it. Mom went and started herself a blog.
She says for a couple weeks then she will see how she is doing. Okay whatever.
Go check her out at Constantly Stressed and give her some love.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Mother

First off , let me introduce you to my mother

Here she is

(Sorry mom, the most recent pic I have)

I was talking to the Keeper this morning and she informs me my mom e-mailed her wanting to start a blog. LOL...My first thought was, 'why didn't she ask me?" Now you know if she is reading the Keepers blog she has visited the spots she frequents, which means she knows what I am doing. I feel an invasion on the secret life I have created has been made. Is she spying on me? I suppose I'll get over it. I guess she pretty much knows me anyway.

Now this woman already spends more time on the computer than anyone I know. I call her up and ask her what she is doing and 85% of the time she is on the computer. Oh, the hours this woman will spend blogging. Maybe that is where I got my addictive personality. I am not going to begrudge her if she wants to start a blog it can actually work in a couple of ways
* Her husband will be thankful because she is no longer shopping because she is too busy blogging
* He too will feel neglected, like my boyfriend, because she is too busy blogging

Either way, I am not kidding when I say the woman has the potential to become a Blog Hussy!!( Grandma J is one of these).
So mom when you read this you can acknowledge you know (because I know you do) and I will help you if you want me to. One rule tho - NO POSTING OF UNFLATTERING PICTURES OF ME!!!!(I guess that means none)

Love You!!!


The way to keep me at the house and not running off shopping or to the beach daily when I am there....


Holy Crappers has this wave blender thing her daughters friend bought. You know I would choose the Margarita!!! I am going to get myself one.

Boyfriend without a clue

My boyfriend knows I spend countless hours a week on the computer, but he has no idea I have a blog page. As far as he knows I am spending my time talking to the Keeper and a few of her friends. Hehe. He knows I read and enjoy talking to you all but really, he has no clue. I would like to keep it that way too.
I have explained to him that the some people may be able to view the pictures I use. This is why you don't see pictures of his daughter and I don't reference to her much. He doesn't want her exposed. He has reasons for this and I have to respect his wishes. I felt I should explain that because there are actually the three girls here.
I think he is starting to get jealous of you all. Between you, my homework and the kids I think he is feeling a bit neglected. He is always grabbing at me, wanting to know what time is the Loves nap time. Hell doesn't he understand, her nap time is prime time for me to read and write on this blog. Believe me he is NOT neglected, he just believes any spare moment should be spent in uncompromising positions.
Oh, if he only knew.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Time Has Come

Oh yes my friends, I am excited. Obviously it doesn't take much.

I went on my morning diet coke run and there it was.....

The farm truck on the corner that I so look forward to seeing every year. What about this farm truck makes me almost pee myself you ask?

Indiana sweet corn. I love this stuff, the taste fresh from the fields can't be beat. I will make meals of this. I will eat as much as possible over the next couple months and then freeze some.

Guess what I am having lunch, then dinner.....YUMMY!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Closet Sista

I hope you don't mind, this was inspired by Sista #1 over at Holy Crappers

The closet door is open and waiting for you Sista #2.

Vintage Thingies Thursday

My mom brought this over to me awhile back and as I was sitting in the garage smoking I decided to brave any spiders I may find and dig this out to put on Vintage things Thursday hosted by the Apron Queen @
The house reads Official-Fisher-Price-Toy so you know it had to be good. So the outside decor is a little rough but the inside as immaculate as ever. This dollhouse provided me with many hours of entertainment over 30 years ago. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and found there were still even some of the furniture and people in there. I remember running the car, which is not here, in and out of the garage. Making the people go up and down those stairs. They also hid from me in the stair closet. And of course there was always a pool party.
As I am typing this the Diva herself is playing with it saying, 'I can't believe I am playing with your toys that are sooo OLD.'
This was later replaced by a dollhouse my dad made for me. It will take a little more cleaning but I plan on doing it soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

1930's Marital Scale

I found this test at Ask Grandma J's so I figured I would take it.
Just as expected, I am a FAILURE as a 1930's wife. hehe.
Like I have said I am not marriage material, I am content 'living in sin'. I am all about keeping it simple. Maybe my score is a reflection on my first marriage.
I wonder what score I would get if this was a test for the present, probably about the same...LOL


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bucket List

The Apron Queen is hosting a blog carnival called The Bucket List, which was inspired by the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. She is also hosting a vintage Apron giveaway! If you'd like to participate, go on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen for instructions.
This is something that I will have to do quickly otherwise you would read for days.
So, here are a few things for my list......

1. See my children grow up and become parents themselves.

2. I would like to be able to plant a garden and eat the fruits of my labor. (a green thumb, I am NOT)

3. Have a big, gourmet kitchen - even though I don't really cook much, I still want one. Maybe for inspiration.

4. Quit smoking!!!!

5. Visit Italy or Greece.

6. Read the Bible (all of it)

7. Live somewhere without snow.

8. Have the ability to volunteer my time to aid others in need.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

No F@#king Clue

Before reading this please understand, I have no intention of offending anyone.

What is a rainbow?

Me, being somewhat Irish decedent believes, a pot of gold at the end of it...or just a beautiful thing to look at after the rain.

A few years ago I was visiting the Keeper. We were on our way home from the beach and lo and behold there was a hunk of a man in the black truck next to us. ... I was all thinkin', how am I lookin'? I am telling the keeper, ' move up, keep up with him.'
This man was wearing a white fitting t-shirt, muscular, dark hair, oh yeah, he was EYE CANDY!!!!!
We are keeping a pretty even pace but the Keeper is just following my direction. I am all thinkin'...MMmmm. We hit a stop light after quite a while, and the Keeper looks over and what does she see but a little wind twisty rainbow thingy hanging in his vehicle.
Me, being all Midwest, has no FUCKING clue what this means as the Keeper is busting up laughing. I am still telling her to keep up with this man...she is still bawhaaaaaing... finally, after about two minutes of this laughing so hard she is ready to pee her pants , she stops to explain to me what this means.
I had no freaking clue, I am now informed. Who made this the symbol, I have to wonder? I must know what the rainbow means to others, someone must tell me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road rage

I am so frustrated with people who should not be driving.
Oh, I so wish I had a scrolling board on my windshield so these idiots know what I am saying instead of me looking the idiot yelling at them.
However, today I pulled up to a light behind another car with a young man driving. We were in the left turn lane with a green light. I sat and waited for the oncoming cars to pass I was thinking yeah, we are clear, let's go - the little @#*& is on his phone so I honk, and he is still sitting there on his phone. He finally hangs up when the light turns red. At this point I am having a fit. This shit proceeds to flip me the bird out his window. I am thinking oh no, you didn't. At this point I am wanting to get out and knock him upside the head and bust his phone into pieces but I reason going to jail will benefit neither me nor the children waiting for me at home so my only other option was to roll down my window, stick my head out and yell, "Get off the fucking phone and drive you stupid fuck!!!"
The guy behind me got a laugh out of it and I felt better. I am sure he probably made another call about the bitchy, crazy women following him. I finally turned off because my diet coke was more important.