Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Mother

First off , let me introduce you to my mother

Here she is

(Sorry mom, the most recent pic I have)

I was talking to the Keeper this morning and she informs me my mom e-mailed her wanting to start a blog. LOL...My first thought was, 'why didn't she ask me?" Now you know if she is reading the Keepers blog she has visited the spots she frequents, which means she knows what I am doing. I feel an invasion on the secret life I have created has been made. Is she spying on me? I suppose I'll get over it. I guess she pretty much knows me anyway.

Now this woman already spends more time on the computer than anyone I know. I call her up and ask her what she is doing and 85% of the time she is on the computer. Oh, the hours this woman will spend blogging. Maybe that is where I got my addictive personality. I am not going to begrudge her if she wants to start a blog it can actually work in a couple of ways
* Her husband will be thankful because she is no longer shopping because she is too busy blogging
* He too will feel neglected, like my boyfriend, because she is too busy blogging

Either way, I am not kidding when I say the woman has the potential to become a Blog Hussy!!( Grandma J is one of these).
So mom when you read this you can acknowledge you know (because I know you do) and I will help you if you want me to. One rule tho - NO POSTING OF UNFLATTERING PICTURES OF ME!!!!(I guess that means none)

Love You!!!


Keeper Of All Things said...

Hi wasn't me
honest it wasn't.......I didn't tell her......ok I told her but only after she tortured it out of me by holding Indiana Corn hostage!!!!!!!
I had to give it up then .....shes the
Misstress of Torture!!!!
Oh sweet sweet corn
come to Mama!!!!

gaining some lb's said...

YAY!! COme on down MOM!!
You can doooo it!!

peace #2

Big Hair Envy said...

Mom, welcome to the dark side...............!

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...
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My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Okay, Dear Daughter of mine...#1. That is a terrible picture of me!!#2. I did not even know you had a blog, til I stumbled across it! Shows you the communication we have...:)...Even though you "think" I might be invading your space...think how I now feel!Ha! like daughter, like mother???
Now I can't get the darn picture in this comment!!!*&)o$#