Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bettin' type of gal

My Love is back to herself, she was barking orders to her diva sister so I called her in to explain to her that was not right.
As I was holding her her father said to her, 'you are not the boss.'
My Love's reply - yes I am.
Her father - you want to bet?
My Love - YES
Her father - How much do you want to bet?
My Love - a quarter
We looked in amazement, I had no clue she would give an appropriate. We couldn't help but to laugh. I have to say I think she won this round because it went no further.

My Love got hurt :(

I had a story I was outside taking a couple pictures for but the story changed. Damn it when things like this happen.

My Love was outside with me running around and having a great time, I was taking my pictures and all was good. My Love was running her usual - around the hot tub, along the walk, up to the first set of decking, back around the hot tub.... anyway along the way there was a mis-step, she fell and smacked her head on the edge of the deck. Instant whals, I take off running down the steps to pick her up. I am checking her out where I thought she hit her head, not a mark!! I am thinking to myself we got lucky. YEAH!! She is still whaling in my ear and as I am trying to console her she turns her head. OH F@#K!! Blood everywhere.. Run inside, by this time our shirts are covered. I try to wash it off a bit, it's small but deep..Off to the hospital we go. We were there two hours and left with two stitches. My poor baby was not liking this process and let everyone around the ER know.

We are home and all is going to be fine. Heck she lucked out, I cannot wash her hair for 2 days which is something she hates probably about as much as the stitches.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I Love Tuesday

I LOVE clean sheets. So does my kitty-cat

10 things said daily

Ten things I say on a daily basis:

1. I Love You to the chitlens

2. Really? Are you kidding me.

3. Butt up (to my 2-year old when changing diapers)

4. Molly, shut-up (my dog loves to bark)

5. Hello - telephone calls

6. Mommy needs to go get a pop (to satify my diet coke addiction)

7. Mommy's gonna smoke this cigarette then...

8. What's for dinner? (My man usually makes dinner otherwise it's take-out)

9. I am reading (this is in response to my 2-year old asking me what I am doing on the computer)

10. I'm tired (is it nap time?)

Something learned..

I learned something yesterday:

In my anatomy class yesterday we dissected a pig.
First of all, I was all upset for the poor little piggy so I couldn't bring myself to cut into him. Thank God I had a partner that was so enjoying this task. As soon a she made the incision there was such an awful stench, I can't even describe it. My mouth and nose became buried in the fold of my elbow, this is where it remained the rest of the class. My partner was thinking this was fun!! Are you crazy, the smell is about to make me hurl. I made it through locating everything that needed to be located thanks to my partner. Hopefully I never have to do that again.
I used to watch CSI thinking, that would be a cool job but after yesterday there is NO WAY in hell I would ever be a forensic scientist.

My instructor told me I could take a picture of this but being the nice person I am I spared ya'll.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trip to Indy 500

My mother dug this picture out and showed it to my daughter and the Keepers oldest daughter, Cheer Girl. This picture is of the Keeper, myself , our ex's and my sister. They came home laughing and making fun of the four of us. I have no clue why, LOL, but let's take a stab at it.

For starters:

This picture was taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during time trials. My guess is about 1990. We were in the infield with the goal of: DRINKING BEER!! (This is before I discovered I like shots A LOT better.) I blocked out part of the faces cuz I don't want a phone call from the Keeper's ex or my ex's wife.

Now could it be:

Let's start with the Keeper's ex just because he is the first (on the left)

1.The business in the front party in the back hair do. For a minute I thought, Billy Ray then I realized no, it is the Red Racer (that's another story). LMAO

2. How about the Fonzie " thumbs up"

3. I am sure the neon green shorts with hot pink waist were 'in style'

On to the Keeper (Please forgive me because you ARE 'the wind beneath my wings')

1. The pretty pink shades. Come on we all had a pair - just maybe not pink

2. The fanny pack - weren't they hip then

3. The 'big hair' - you had to hold the hat on. At least you did yours tho.


1. Am I wearing a f 'ing MU MU?

2. Why was I so covered up? Apparently it was nice enough to have on as little as possible.

3. You can fill in more

My ex

1. Look at the smile on his face and he's not looking at the camera (which you cannot tell). I 'm thinking he seen some tits because I forgot to mention earlier, that is another reason the men go.

Okay that was fun. LMAO

Friday, June 20, 2008

Disappointment at Meijer

The other day I decided to go to Meijer to kill some time and do some shopping while my daughter was at practice. I realized their prices were not dropped as low as they state so therefore I started getting excited thinking I was going to see see Big Foot, the knights having a sword fight, or the Loc Nes Monster looking thing. I kept looking up and over to the next isle trying to see if I was just missing the monster thingy.
I don't know if you have seen the commercial for Meijer or not but it says I have a better chance at seeing one of these things than seeing a high price on groceries.
After an hour in the store I came to the conclusion they were lying to me about both.
As I was leaving the store I was very disappointed. It would have all been worth the higher prices I paid had I seen one of the other things they said I would.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black lips?

I ran across this picture while looking for another one. The girl on the far left(let's call her Cooper) and I in the middle were headed to the beach that morning. The Keeper wasn't going, come to think of it, she seems to enjoy the beach a lot more when I am not in town. Anyway, what caught my eye was how dark Cooper's lip liner is. She is honestly the only one I know that would get all ready to go to the beach. We still love her anyway. Notice the Keeper and I are sporting sunglasses cuz I know I am a strong believer in the no make-up thing.

We sure look HAPPY. At least I wasn't talking while trying to smile like I usually do.

The lip liner reminds me of another episode we had. We were at the bar and she wanted to go get another friend of ours.(He happened to be a guy, otherwise he would have had the same response I did.)I decided to stay at the bar and wait for her to get back because I didn't want to waste precious drinking time.

She came bouncing back in the bar all smiles as usual. I am sure I had a what the hell look on my face. As she got over to me
I said - What the freg are you thinking?
Cooper - What?
Me - I DON'T like that lip color.
Cooper - Why?
Me - It looks awful.
Cooper - You could have told me that earlier.
Me - NO, that's not what you had on earlier, that's bad. Black?
She at this point is digging for a mirror. Looking into the mirror she starts laughing.
Cooper - Well, that's my eyeliner.
She had fished in her purse in the dark and thought she had the lip not the eye liner. We laughed about this for quite some time before she went to fix it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A look back

As I was thinking to myself about things I need to do after I got home from getting my diet coke...
* Dishes (load the dishwasher)
* Laundry
* pick up the never ending trail of stuff MY LOVE has gotten out

I got side tracked by the good ole days - please don't get me wrong I wouldn't change what I have now - but damn things were different.

The Keeper and I both left our respective husbands about the same time.(If one leads, the other should follow..right?)Anyway, we both worked together at a bar and decided to move in together. I moved into her house and ironically our soon-to-be ex's moved into my house.

Okay back to what I was thinking about. It was so easy then, first we were making buckets of money (at least it seemed that way) and we still had our youth.

We had a problem of conquering the thing called laundry so our solution was going shopping about every other day and just buying new clothes. I think we were both just too scared of the basement. Whatever excuse worked at the time.

Another problem was doing the dishes. We actually sat and pondered on what to do with them. I don't know to this day if she bought new silverware or actually washed it. My question is, "how in the hell did we even have dirty dishes?" I can never once remember going to the grocery store. We always ate out or at work. I think mostly we survived on a liquid diet, no I am sure of it.

OHhhh, those were the days...and look at the youthfulness (damn, we look!!
And look at the WHITE shoes.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Go Trojans!!

My diva daughter had cheer practice this evening as I was waiting in the car I couldn't help but to take this picture.

This is what she cheers for. Go Trojans, Go!! Are you finding the same humor in this as we did?

I'll get my own

My Love informed me she was thirsty. I guess after the
*small bowl of cereal
*bagel w/ blueberry cream cheese
*gummies and
she would be. Well apparently I had no clue how thirsty she was because as I was doing this..

You notice the diet coke cups are there.
she was in the fridge getting out what she wanted to drink and couldn't wait for me to get her a cup.

I am thinking she has watched her dad one too many times.

A little later I asked her where the kool-aid was, she had no clue. The mission to find the jug. Looked all around the kitchen..not here, her room..not there, her sisters room..not there, bathroom, nope. I decide to look in the cupboard because(this is where we usually find things that are MIA, this is her favorite place in the house)Walla, that is where it belongs.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So Uncool?

Sometime in the last few months my 12 year old has decided I am so uncool. Apparently I am no longer cool to hang with and I have no taste in clothes. I have been deluding myself thinking otherwise.
I took her to cheer practice the other day and told her I wanted to talk to the coach. She begged me not to get out of the car saying, "Mom, you don't have on any make-up on and your clothes." I informed my diva that she was lucky I had showered that day and put on a bra before I left.(only had the bra on cause I knew I was getting out).
When we go to the mall she asks if she has to walk around with me - my answer- I have the money. You know she is thinking son of a B. I just love to embarrass her and now this has become my new mission!!
At least my 2-year old shares my opinion and thinks I am all that.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The soap issue

Okay, today my boyfriend came home and was talking about how he was sweating at work, I started laughing and told him the story about the smell of soap that choked me up in my conversation last night. That man was like a bolt of lighting hitting the shower. It worked out for him.

Another thought...

Okay so to the Keepers "just a thought", here is a thought. Does anyone else think hmm.. if I don't make eye contact maybe they won't notice me. I keep trying this and it's not working for me. There is this girl I had in class last semester that everyone in the class was rolling their eyes whenever she talked. You know the type she has a comment or question for everything!! Campus is now non-smoking so I went to my car to light up all of the sudden I see her coming, I am thinking, just look forward and grab the phone. I call my mom and she is just staring at me from across the street. Mom has to go so who do I call now? I call the boyfriend he doesn't answer (he may be actually working) at this point she starts heading to me I am thinking, oh sh.t!! I call my ex-husbands wife - you know I am grabbing now cause she can talk - anyway as the phone is ringing BAM there is the one I am trying to ignore. Sh.t, she's talking to me and I am still not acknowledging her, she won't go away. I finally have to tell her I am on the phone (as if she couldn't see the red thing plastered to my ear - HELLO!!) The point... I have yet to figure out how to make no eye contact work

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Children and their honesty....

I was in the shower the other morning with my 2-year old when she decided she wanted to be under the water. I told her to come on around me and as she was moving she slapped my hip and said, "your butt's too big, move!!!" I did get a laugh but the one that enjoyed it most was my boyfriend (and his co-workers) when I called to tell him.