Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black lips?

I ran across this picture while looking for another one. The girl on the far left(let's call her Cooper) and I in the middle were headed to the beach that morning. The Keeper wasn't going, come to think of it, she seems to enjoy the beach a lot more when I am not in town. Anyway, what caught my eye was how dark Cooper's lip liner is. She is honestly the only one I know that would get all ready to go to the beach. We still love her anyway. Notice the Keeper and I are sporting sunglasses cuz I know I am a strong believer in the no make-up thing.

We sure look HAPPY. At least I wasn't talking while trying to smile like I usually do.

The lip liner reminds me of another episode we had. We were at the bar and she wanted to go get another friend of ours.(He happened to be a guy, otherwise he would have had the same response I did.)I decided to stay at the bar and wait for her to get back because I didn't want to waste precious drinking time.

She came bouncing back in the bar all smiles as usual. I am sure I had a what the hell look on my face. As she got over to me
I said - What the freg are you thinking?
Cooper - What?
Me - I DON'T like that lip color.
Cooper - Why?
Me - It looks awful.
Cooper - You could have told me that earlier.
Me - NO, that's not what you had on earlier, that's bad. Black?
She at this point is digging for a mirror. Looking into the mirror she starts laughing.
Cooper - Well, that's my eyeliner.
She had fished in her purse in the dark and thought she had the lip not the eye liner. We laughed about this for quite some time before she went to fix it.


Keeper Of All Things said...

OMG I so remember that !!!!! What the hell she could even rock black lip liner!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Girl you need to pull the lead out of your ass and get some more blogs!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Oh and figure out how to get the security verification off the damn thing