Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something learned..

I learned something yesterday:

In my anatomy class yesterday we dissected a pig.
First of all, I was all upset for the poor little piggy so I couldn't bring myself to cut into him. Thank God I had a partner that was so enjoying this task. As soon a she made the incision there was such an awful stench, I can't even describe it. My mouth and nose became buried in the fold of my elbow, this is where it remained the rest of the class. My partner was thinking this was fun!! Are you crazy, the smell is about to make me hurl. I made it through locating everything that needed to be located thanks to my partner. Hopefully I never have to do that again.
I used to watch CSI thinking, that would be a cool job but after yesterday there is NO WAY in hell I would ever be a forensic scientist.

My instructor told me I could take a picture of this but being the nice person I am I spared ya'll.