Friday, June 13, 2008

A look back

As I was thinking to myself about things I need to do after I got home from getting my diet coke...
* Dishes (load the dishwasher)
* Laundry
* pick up the never ending trail of stuff MY LOVE has gotten out

I got side tracked by the good ole days - please don't get me wrong I wouldn't change what I have now - but damn things were different.

The Keeper and I both left our respective husbands about the same time.(If one leads, the other should follow..right?)Anyway, we both worked together at a bar and decided to move in together. I moved into her house and ironically our soon-to-be ex's moved into my house.

Okay back to what I was thinking about. It was so easy then, first we were making buckets of money (at least it seemed that way) and we still had our youth.

We had a problem of conquering the thing called laundry so our solution was going shopping about every other day and just buying new clothes. I think we were both just too scared of the basement. Whatever excuse worked at the time.

Another problem was doing the dishes. We actually sat and pondered on what to do with them. I don't know to this day if she bought new silverware or actually washed it. My question is, "how in the hell did we even have dirty dishes?" I can never once remember going to the grocery store. We always ate out or at work. I think mostly we survived on a liquid diet, no I am sure of it.

OHhhh, those were the days...and look at the youthfulness (damn, we look!!
And look at the WHITE shoes.


Keeper Of All Things said...

OMG WE ARE SOOOO HOT!!!! (notice I said are and not were)You really seem to be hanging onto that beer tightly!! I dont believe I remember you drinking beer all that much!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I can almost hear CANDLEBOX playing in the back ground!!! LOL

Keeper Of All Things said...

Ummmmm.........GOOD TIMES!!