Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trip to Indy 500

My mother dug this picture out and showed it to my daughter and the Keepers oldest daughter, Cheer Girl. This picture is of the Keeper, myself , our ex's and my sister. They came home laughing and making fun of the four of us. I have no clue why, LOL, but let's take a stab at it.

For starters:

This picture was taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during time trials. My guess is about 1990. We were in the infield with the goal of: DRINKING BEER!! (This is before I discovered I like shots A LOT better.) I blocked out part of the faces cuz I don't want a phone call from the Keeper's ex or my ex's wife.

Now could it be:

Let's start with the Keeper's ex just because he is the first (on the left)

1.The business in the front party in the back hair do. For a minute I thought, Billy Ray then I realized no, it is the Red Racer (that's another story). LMAO

2. How about the Fonzie " thumbs up"

3. I am sure the neon green shorts with hot pink waist were 'in style'

On to the Keeper (Please forgive me because you ARE 'the wind beneath my wings')

1. The pretty pink shades. Come on we all had a pair - just maybe not pink

2. The fanny pack - weren't they hip then

3. The 'big hair' - you had to hold the hat on. At least you did yours tho.


1. Am I wearing a f 'ing MU MU?

2. Why was I so covered up? Apparently it was nice enough to have on as little as possible.

3. You can fill in more

My ex

1. Look at the smile on his face and he's not looking at the camera (which you cannot tell). I 'm thinking he seen some tits because I forgot to mention earlier, that is another reason the men go.

Okay that was fun. LMAO


Sue said...

That's hilarious. Diggin' the sexy bike shorts on your ex. Whitesnake!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

What the fook!!!!! I look like BOY GEORGE!!! Rockin the fanny pack......'cause you know i dont have a fanny.

mmmm.....good times
good times

Keeper Of All Things said...

Oh and someone needs to stop that woman with all those pictures!!!!

Neurotically Yours: said...

I bet the Keeper still has that hat and that bathing suit! You know she never throws anything away. Hopefully, she'll bring them on vacation this week :)

Pleasing Procrasinator said... true NY.
Note to the keeper: you should take it and let NY take your picture.LOL. By the way you should see the pictures I found last night. Oh will.

bighairenvy said...

OMG! I have pictures JUST LIKE THAT from various NASCAR races!! Everyone sat on the tailgate. Beer in hand. At 8 a.m. As we got older, we discovered that it was fun to add jello shooters to the mix. I once made 450 for a race. They were all gone before the race started. Oh, my!