Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'll get my own

My Love informed me she was thirsty. I guess after the
*small bowl of cereal
*bagel w/ blueberry cream cheese
*gummies and
she would be. Well apparently I had no clue how thirsty she was because as I was doing this..

You notice the diet coke cups are there.
she was in the fridge getting out what she wanted to drink and couldn't wait for me to get her a cup.

I am thinking she has watched her dad one too many times.

A little later I asked her where the kool-aid was, she had no clue. The mission to find the jug. Looked all around the kitchen..not here, her room..not there, her sisters room..not there, bathroom, nope. I decide to look in the cupboard because(this is where we usually find things that are MIA, this is her favorite place in the house)Walla, that is where it belongs.

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Keeper Of All Things said...

Ok so let me see if I understand....just because your not thirsty means your kids still might be? should talk to KEL about how she starved her new born 'cause she wasn't hungry....JK....LOL