Sunday, June 8, 2008

So Uncool?

Sometime in the last few months my 12 year old has decided I am so uncool. Apparently I am no longer cool to hang with and I have no taste in clothes. I have been deluding myself thinking otherwise.
I took her to cheer practice the other day and told her I wanted to talk to the coach. She begged me not to get out of the car saying, "Mom, you don't have on any make-up on and your clothes." I informed my diva that she was lucky I had showered that day and put on a bra before I left.(only had the bra on cause I knew I was getting out).
When we go to the mall she asks if she has to walk around with me - my answer- I have the money. You know she is thinking son of a B. I just love to embarrass her and now this has become my new mission!!
At least my 2-year old shares my opinion and thinks I am all that.


marae said...

2 yr olds don't know the differents ...yet...they will! Wait till they are 15 mmm things get real fun then!!!! Beside I've been your friend for...alot of years and the only time you were cool was when I was around!!! LMAO

Keeper Of All Things said...

Speaking of 12 yr olds do you see the name on MY last post I'm gonna kick that girls butt.....