Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road rage

I am so frustrated with people who should not be driving.
Oh, I so wish I had a scrolling board on my windshield so these idiots know what I am saying instead of me looking the idiot yelling at them.
However, today I pulled up to a light behind another car with a young man driving. We were in the left turn lane with a green light. I sat and waited for the oncoming cars to pass I was thinking yeah, we are clear, let's go - the little @#*& is on his phone so I honk, and he is still sitting there on his phone. He finally hangs up when the light turns red. At this point I am having a fit. This shit proceeds to flip me the bird out his window. I am thinking oh no, you didn't. At this point I am wanting to get out and knock him upside the head and bust his phone into pieces but I reason going to jail will benefit neither me nor the children waiting for me at home so my only other option was to roll down my window, stick my head out and yell, "Get off the fucking phone and drive you stupid fuck!!!"
The guy behind me got a laugh out of it and I felt better. I am sure he probably made another call about the bitchy, crazy women following him. I finally turned off because my diet coke was more important.


Big Hair Envy said...

The man behind you wasn't the only one enjoying your road rage - I'll just bet you had a whole cheering section back there!!! Cell phones should be banned while driving!

Holy Crappers said...

Fucking kids!!!