Thursday, July 3, 2008

No F@#king Clue

Before reading this please understand, I have no intention of offending anyone.

What is a rainbow?

Me, being somewhat Irish decedent believes, a pot of gold at the end of it...or just a beautiful thing to look at after the rain.

A few years ago I was visiting the Keeper. We were on our way home from the beach and lo and behold there was a hunk of a man in the black truck next to us. ... I was all thinkin', how am I lookin'? I am telling the keeper, ' move up, keep up with him.'
This man was wearing a white fitting t-shirt, muscular, dark hair, oh yeah, he was EYE CANDY!!!!!
We are keeping a pretty even pace but the Keeper is just following my direction. I am all thinkin'...MMmmm. We hit a stop light after quite a while, and the Keeper looks over and what does she see but a little wind twisty rainbow thingy hanging in his vehicle.
Me, being all Midwest, has no FUCKING clue what this means as the Keeper is busting up laughing. I am still telling her to keep up with this man...she is still bawhaaaaaing... finally, after about two minutes of this laughing so hard she is ready to pee her pants , she stops to explain to me what this means.
I had no freaking clue, I am now informed. Who made this the symbol, I have to wonder? I must know what the rainbow means to others, someone must tell me.


Philly said...

No gold at the end of the pot? Crap!

Big Hair Envy said...

What could a DOUBLE rainbow possibly mean? hahahaha!

Keeper Of All Things said...

OHHHH.....good times!!!
He really was a hunk of a man!!! We still could have gave it a try!!!
Man oh Man was that funny

Johnny Virgil said...

I hate that the homosexuals have co-opted refracted light. How is that fair?

Grandma J said...

I find that hysterical! I have a picture of one of my daughters wearing a very expensive sweater that she just had to have in 8th grade, circa 1979. She loved that sweater and wore it every chance she got for years..and it had a huge rainbow across it. Today she cringes when ever I bring that picture out.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Maybe the double means you could go either way?
J.V. - it's not fair at all.
Gramma J - I was a proud wearing rainbow gal myself growing up. I wonder what people thought of me or my parents for buying me those things. haha