Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Exceptions

I had went to pick blueberries yesterday in the morning and when I got home I got a call at 10:20 from the clinic that they could get me in @11:15 for my yearly appointment, I accepted.
I hurry and jump i the shower, I put on a nice VS bra and even shave my legs. After waiting to get called in the back, get weighed, check vitals, then making my way through the history (which why do they need the same information every time, why can't they just ask about the changes since you were last there?). As we are finishing my history another nurse comes in and asks if I would like to reschedule. At this point I am thinking WTF? Apparently, since I have no insurance, they can put me on this program that may help me pay for my yearly and mammogram but you cannot get on with this program until you turn 40 yrs. old, which for me isn't until November. They cannot make the exception and do this 4 mos. early so I now have to go through this whole process over again in November. At least I got out of helping the boyfriend clean the new upright freezer he bought so something good came out of the time I wasted.


Keeper Of All Things said...

Shaved your legs huh?
were you looking to get lucky?!!!!!
Anything to get out of cleaning

Lori said...

God, how I hate that annual visit! Just think when you turn 40 - you get to add an annual mammogram too!!

Grandma J said...

yeah, the legs are less thing to do in November.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Oh Lori, I am so looking foward to the boobie press and turning 40...NOT!! I think the press will bug me more.
Gramma J, LMAO..I was thinking the same thing. That is too funny.