Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bucket List

The Apron Queen is hosting a blog carnival called The Bucket List, which was inspired by the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. She is also hosting a vintage Apron giveaway! If you'd like to participate, go on over to Confessions of an Apron Queen for instructions.
This is something that I will have to do quickly otherwise you would read for days.
So, here are a few things for my list......

1. See my children grow up and become parents themselves.

2. I would like to be able to plant a garden and eat the fruits of my labor. (a green thumb, I am NOT)

3. Have a big, gourmet kitchen - even though I don't really cook much, I still want one. Maybe for inspiration.

4. Quit smoking!!!!

5. Visit Italy or Greece.

6. Read the Bible (all of it)

7. Live somewhere without snow.

8. Have the ability to volunteer my time to aid others in need.


Muthering Heights said...

That's a great list! Quitting smoking will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your kids. Good luck!

The Apron Queen said...

Great list! I want a gourmet kitchen too! Even if I only make Hot Pockets in it! :D

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Big Hair Envy said...

A huge gourmet kitchen is what dreams are made of! Even if you don't cook, that's the one place that everyone wants to hang out :)

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

MY Bucket List consists of:
Meet Elton John
Travel to Italy
Doing something selfless
Weigh what I did in High School
Learn to Scuba Dive
Dance at all my Grands weddings
Waste away on a beach, with a drink in my hand and a smile on my face
Have no worries

Thanks for visiting my blog :)