Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today is the Keeper's Birthday!!!!

Haap-py Birth-day, haappy, haappy birthday to you to you to you!!! (wow that was hard to type).

This is how I imagine you looked as a toddler...feety pj's and cowboy hat.

Fast foward to forty years later...my aren't you purdy with the hat, too bad I didn't get a pic of you in those feety jammies when I was there.LOL.

Since I couldn't be at the surprise party on Saturday, I figures I would send some cyber gifts your way.

A cake I had to eat without you but you were the inspiration

A new hat, it doesn't have the strap to hold on when you get drunk so be careful

And last but not least

some 40 year old scotch...all yours..just for you.

Happy Birthday~~~~~Love you!!!


My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Hey...yo're good at the cyber gifts.. who knew! :)

Grandma J said...

What a nice tribute to the Keeper! Never would have guessed she was 40!

See you at blogfest?

mom x 2 said...


Keeper Of All Things said...

Thank You......don't forget the scotch when you come to visit!!!

Love you

natalie nessi said...

She's so gorgeous just like you. And for that cake, It takes time to blow that candles, It'll take hours. But a nice and yummy cake.

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