Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've got nothing...

I am at a loss with nothing to blog about.
I took my last final on Wednesday for my summer classes and am now on a small break.
I have decided to do some reading. I went and got myself three books. I read, Where Are You Now, by Mary Higgins-Clark all day yesterday so I didn't really do anything. When I start reading I usually don't put a book down until it's finished.


I just want a rock. For some reason when Peepers and I go out and about she has taken on embarrassing me. If there is a person within five ft. of us she will tell them, 'Go Away Person.' and some other favorites:
* I don't like that person, I love you.
* You not brush your hair? (to check-out lady)
* And everybody (no matter the age) if they have a belly, they have a baby in there.

On a side note - -Lynn, over at After the Dust Settles is giving away this cute little handmade piggy bank. Go on over and see how you can win this little porker.


Lori said...

I say, after taking a final - you deserve a break. Drink, read, drink some more!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Remember my kids called everyone over the age of 30 Grandma....loudly!!!

Big Hair Envy said...

A wedding the weekend before a final?? You are amazing :)

Grandma J said...

Sometimes we need a day to veg out. Hey, at least you didn't ignore us! :)

Philly said...

I agree with Lori !! Drink, read, drink, read


Caution Flag said...

ALWAYS celebrate the end of a term. ALWAYS! What are you studying?

Rebeckah said...

I love Mary Higgins Clark books! All of the titles sound the same to me after a while though, so I don't know if I read the one you read! What did the checkout lady say when your daughter told her she didn't brush her hair? : ). I am sure that lady will want you to be in her checkout line again and again : ).